Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Sea Otter 2012

Sea Otter 2012 video (click here)

Phil broke down early on in the trip but we were working hard to fix him
Some pretty different bikes were around
This one was huge!
 Will passes on his knowledge to us on how to gate properly before we had dual Slalom
 I took a spin around in the supermarket on a fat persons trolly
 This little fella was digging away by the race track
 If you look closely, this is infact a giant teddy bear driving the car
Al Bonds eyes were bigger than his belly on the last nights meal out. this was just a large and it was still posible to get an XL or even a family size.

here are the DH results; I was happy to come in 22nd place, especially with the competition in this huge pro category.

Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Nissan European Cup - Vall D’Uixo, Spain

The season has finally begun and the first race to get us going was the new Nissan European Cup in Spain. The sun was out, beating down some high temperatures; whilst the news back home was quite the opposite... always makes me happy!
Rumble bikes are the Spanish Distribution for Saracen and Jaume, the guy behind it all, looked after us whilst we were around. We were shown the local cuisine, the lines to hit on the track, our bikes fixed up and sorted out with a place to stay. Jaume, you will have to come over here and ride some technical wet rooty tracks in the rain and have some fish and chips to finish the day off.... sorry not as appealing as what I've just experienced but your welcome to come!

The crouds were big and for race runs linned the track in all the flat out and sketchiest bits.
 Ok so Jaume wasn't around to explain this one but the local supermarket had these hanging up. There is something about it that puts even me off... and I'm not sure if it's the trotters or the fact they hang there for weeks in the heat.
 Now we need these in England! The lumps that like to take a break and have a Kitkat on a bench can work it off at the same time!

Here are the results...The Elite Category saw 122 people in it and with many top World Cup racers present. I ended up in 17th. My aim was to make the most of the time on the bike and get back into race mode for South Africa next week. I think with this in mind it went very well. Its woken up my race game again and I now know what I did right and what I've forgotten I've learnt again.

Check out my short GoPro edit of the track and the banter that came with it:

Vall D'Uixo Nissan European Cup with Harry Molloy and friends

Its off to South Africa next week for me so more to come soon!

Some recent riding in a short go pro edit

  • 6 mins of DH riding that i've done recently!

Monday, January 30, 2012

Couple of Recent Go Pro Vids

Harry Molloy and Friends Beginning 2012 Randoms

- Just a few shots from Rogate and Frant riding DH.

Bringewood Banter with Harry Molloy and Friends

- A few together of an uplift day at Bringewood.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Video of Mr Blings new race track for tomorrow

Click here to see me follow Brandon, Connor and Josh down the new PORC race track for tomorrow. No sound effects were added, Brandon was that fast!

PORC track vid with Harry Molloy and friends

Monday, January 09, 2012

Locals 2 section!

Click this - Locals Part 2 - Danny Hart and Harry Molloy

...and a few pics dh riding.

Jacob was down for a couple days about a month ago now. It was pretty sick quickly running from place to place trying to make the most out of the dreaded winter light. I dont know what was the funniest moment, seeing Jocob walking through the male changing rooms to the pool with a load of cameras or the fact he is allergic to cats and my kitten wouldn't leave him alone!

cheers for coming down mate!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Mr Blings 18th December race

I was somehow yet another sunny race day at PORC. The track was a proper good one too, with some of the best sections PORC has to offur and all flat out too! I started off clipped in to see if I could handle it but when I tried flat pedals half way through practise, there was no way I was going back yet! I went out on a xc night ride with them on after with Noshy and I'm getting there slowly.

check these vids out of the day...

one of good mate Brad Sheehan on the top section...

one of me at the bottom section...

and because everyone likes a crash...

I had yet another fantastic day at Mr Blings race and I think I can say that for everyone else there too... what a good race to end the year on!

Here is the podium shot...


Sunday, December 11, 2011

Extreme Medics Race - Aston Hill

It was not the usual Aston Hill race in store for us but fun all the same. Check out my go pro vid following Phil down. It was my 2nd practise run so I didn't have the lines but it just goes to show how much time they made!

 This was only about a 1/3 of the way along the notorious root section. With rain on its way... this was a spot everyone was looking at.

 The first jump was in the first 5 seconds but it wasnt one to show off on, you had to get back on the floor to pedal like a nutter!
 Phil did really well winning youth again. He came about half a second behind me too!
 Berny took the top spot switching it around after first runs... winning by half a second. Podiums didn't happen but the podiums were anncounced.